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Kratom powder

It amounts to this: there are no real rules about how ethnobotanical companies throw around the word “extract”. Companies that shall remain unnamed make it sound as if there is a scientific process involved in making Kratom “extract”, and put terms like 15x and 10x (I’ll explain the difference later) in front to make it appear that the concentration is increased in multiples. But all “extract” means in this case is that it was taken from something else; namely, the Kratom leaf. So they are capitalizing on a bit of a misnomer. Referring to some extracts as such is accurate in some cases, but not here.

The difference between powder and leaf is obvious, right? You can find a source for Kratom leaf, package it, and sell it at a little bit of a mark-up. But the difference between powder and “extract” is not so obvious. Say you and I buy a bag of Kratom leaves and mulch them in a coffee bean grinder. Now we have somewhat powdered our Kratom, but since a coffee grinder isn’t made for grinding leaves there are still some big chunks that we can’t break up. Even the particles that appear small to you …

Big Home, Milton, Prestige, Softel Food Makers Price List

Food Makers Price in Indian Rupees 

Anjali Sprout diet,
Price – Rs. 310

Big Home Medu Wada Maker
Price – Rs.129
Big Home Medu Wada Maker
Price – Rs.129
Big Home High Durable Milk Boiler
Price – Rs.289
Big Home Compact 12 Idily + Steamer
Price – Rs.789
Gola and Slush Maker,
Price – Rs. 1000

Black And Decker EG 100 Egg Cooker Steamer
Price – Rs.1,220
Crystal 2 Pc Health Combo,
Price – Rs. 845
Cutting Edge Microvawable 17 Pc Complete Cooking Set,
Price – Rs. 3000

Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker,
Price – Rs.1,634  
Price – Rs. 2275

Libra Electric Roti Maker + Atta Maker + Free Casserole,
Price – Rs.1,999    

Milton Idli Maker with Multipurpose Steamer,
Price – Rs. 317
Milton Micro Casserole Set of 3,
Price – Rs. 289
Milton Micro Casserole 1500 ml,
Price – Rs. 133
Milton Micro Casserole 500 ml,
Price – Rs. 79
Milton Micro Casserole 1000 ml,
Price – Rs. 107
Milton Micro Cooker,
Price – Rs. 254

Mini Chef Big Popper Pop Corn Maker,
Price – Rs. 1999
Mini Chef Cotton Candy Maker,
Price – Rs. 2990

Nova Roti and Tortilla Maker,
Price – …

Jash Botancials

About 20,000 years ago, our ancestors ate a highly varied diet that supplied all of their major minerals, and the vast majority of their trace minerals. Even as they began to gather less and farm more, their fruits and vegetables still had significant nutritional value, since they were raised in naturally organic, mineral-rich soil, and in keeping with farming practices that returned minerals back into the earth. In fact, up until the days of our grandparents and great-grandparents, most people lived on farms or grew much of their own produce. Even those people living in the cities ate locally grown, seasonal produce that was cultivated using farming practices that helped ensure high mineral content, such as crop rotation, mulching, and manure fertilization.

However, after World War II, farming practices changed radically. Manufacturers of wartime chemicals such as the phosphates and nitrates needed new markets for their products. These chemicals became the raw material for producing fertilizers. By 1960, 97 percent of all crops were treated with chemical fertilizers that used salt-based nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These quickly became known as the NPK fertilizers (K is the atomic symbol for potassium). While this method of farming created perfectly shaped and colored …

Miracle Gro Potting Soil: Bigger, healthier plants after just a few uses.

I used to think that dirt was dirt until I started using Miracle Gro potting soil.

I would buy the least expensive soil and could never figure out why my plants were dying and the soil was hardening in the pot. I also noticed a multitude of parasites that seemed to be coming out of the soil and were feeding on the tender shoots of new growth.

Since I had always used the Miracle Gro food (the kind you add to the water) with good results, I decided one day to spend the extra money on the soil. I have been hooked since.

My plants not only grow like crazy, they are a lot healthier looking and are easier to maintain, despite having to repot and clip them more frequently. The soil provides continuous nutrients to the roots, and stays moist longer. The soft mixture of peat and soil creates an environment that lets the plants roots stretch and grow as nature intended. The plants are better able to "breathe", which results in healthier, happier plants. I have also noticed that I no longer have the parasites that were breeding in the other soils.

Miracle Gro is the cleanest, easiest …

How to Cure Yourself with Herbs, Vegetables and Fruits

Are you experiencing a lack of energy, that quickly leads into: a loss of motivation? If you answer yes, to this question, then the problem could, in fact be, that you are falling ill. While being sick has many disadvantages characterized to it, and is not something anyone expects- until it suddenly happens, many different types of herbs, and produce foods are available that can reverse the curse of a cold. With that being announced, get headed straight to the supermarket to locate your medicine!

Now, there are many types of herbs, vegetables, and fruits which contain healing properties, the body's immune system needs in order to get well, if it by chance is breaking down. The list I have comprised will steer you towards the basics, and consists of common items you will be able to find at most any grocery store. Some of these items can be used regularly, as others, I stress this, can be used only sparingly, because of the high risk of accidently poisoning yourself. Keep in mind that anything you read in this article only offers a suggestion of what may be taken, for the natural build up of immunity. These products should not

Decoding food labels

The jargon on any food label is enough to scare anyone off. We attempt to solve the puzzle.

Commonly used terms

These terms are found on practically every food package. And we still don't know what they mean.


One or more nutrients are added. For example, enriched whole meal brown bread enriched with fibre.


One or more nutrients are added during processing. For example, breakfast cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals; iodised salt is fortified with iodine.

Health food:

A promotional term used to imply that a certain food has health-giving qualities beyond its expected nutritive value

Natural food:

A product that has minimal or no refinement or processing (not a legally-regulated term). A product with this claim may not only contain artificial flavours, colours and preservatives, but may also be loaded with fat, sugar, calories and sodium.

Organically grown food: Food grown and processed without chemicals and pesticides (not a legally-regulated term).

Fat related:

These terms alert weight watchers, diabetics and heart patients.

Cholesterol free:

Less than 2 mg cholesterol per serving.

Low cholesterol:

Less than 20 mg of cholesterol per serving.

Cholesterol reduced:

Reformulated or processed foods to lower …

Anxiety And Stress

I used to experience anxiety and stress every day in bulk. As a young professional in New York City I had no idea how to manage stress, my finances, my health, or my life. I had no interest in stress relief information or deep meditation techniques or theta meditation.

All I wanted to do during that time in my life was make some money and party excessively on the weekends. Little did I know, anxiety and stress were building up in my mind and body. This would eventually lead to a series of anxiety and panic attacks that sent me to the emergency room on several occasions wondering what was going on with me.

Anxiety and Stress Can Be Lethal

I have no interest in scaring anyone but anxiety and stress physically harm the human body. Scientists have conducted literally hundreds of studies on the physiological effects of mental stress and the results all indicate the same thing-unmanaged stress and anxiety will reduce the length and quality of your life. That should be reason enough for you to take steps towards reducing stress in your life.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars every year on drugs designed to …

How To Scramble An Egg

Learn how to scramble an egg and you can prepare yourself a nutritious and tasty wholesome dish. You don't have to be an experienced cook to scramble eggs. It's a great way to embark upon a lifetime of making use of your kitchen.

Start with the freshest eggs you can get your hands on. Does a neighbor raise chickens? Probably not. Do you have access to a local farmer's market, with a vendor who sells fresh eggs? If neither of these two ways of procuring eggs is feasible, try and purchase eggs from a market like Whole Foods, which sells eggs from chickens raised in cage-free organic environments. The difference between a supermarket egg which has been sitting on a shelf for a week, and an egg freshly laid, is remarkable. You can taste the difference.

If you don't already own a good fry pan for cooking, purchase a non-stick variety which makes a novice cook's job easier. With the heat on low, melt about a tablespoon of unsalted butter in the pan. Meanwhile, break two eggs into a bowl, adding a pinch of salt, a pinch of freshly ground pepper and a pinch of dried thyme, if available. Beat …

The Health Benefits of Meditation

No matter what led you here to this article it doesn't really matter as long as you are here to seek upliftment be it through healing, peace of mind, discipline of the mind, or in search of mental powers, grounding skills, or spirituality through meditation. You have come to the right place. Pull up a seat and enjoy your view of this information that will develop a form of mental training in any of the five areas listed below.

Meditation is a logical, systematic process of focusing, calming and understanding the movement of the mind to take control of the internal process, to enhance ones overall development in several areas. The beginning process of meditation has to do with concentration and contemplation of ones mind.

Some will choose to focus on the breath, or a mantra such as OM, RAM or HUM; maybe you might choose a visual focus such as a tree or a void of pitch blackness. Whatever it is put your mind to focus on just that without any other interactions or reactions to other things. Like a ringing phone or people talking. Choose a quiet time to mediate. Keep your mind on what you chose to …

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Social Anxiety Disorder

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Social anxiety disorder is a panic disorder involving phobias related to social interactions. With an average of one-in-eight Americans experiencing some form of social anxiety disorder in their lifetime, it is now the third most common psychiatric disorder in the country. It is capable of rapidly and severely interfering with an individual’s daily life routine, as well as her interpersonal relationships. While the exact cause of social anxiety disorder is unknown, it is believed to be a combination of hereditary, environmental, and neurological factors.

Social anxiety disorder is most simply defined as severe anxiety experienced as a result of being in the presence of others. People with this disorder usually experience significant fear when entering into situations where they have to meet new people, or be open to the attention and scrutiny of others, such as giving a speech. These situations are usually experienced under agonizing anxiety, or are often avoided altogether. People with social anxiety disorder exhibit many symptoms when placed in these situations. These might include sweating, shaking, dizziness, trembling, dry mouth, pounding heart, and shaky voice. Because these symptoms tend to draw attention toward the individual, they often compound the terror experienced by the person.

Symptoms of