Anxiety And Stress

I used to experience anxiety and stress every day in bulk. As a young professional in New York City I had no idea how to manage stress, my finances, my health, or my life. I had no interest in stress relief information or deep meditation techniques or theta meditation.

All I wanted to do during that time in my life was make some money and party excessively on the weekends. Little did I know, anxiety and stress were building up in my mind and body. This would eventually lead to a series of anxiety and panic attacks that sent me to the emergency room on several occasions wondering what was going on with me.

Anxiety and Stress Can Be Lethal

I have no interest in scaring anyone but anxiety and stress physically harm the human body. Scientists have conducted literally hundreds of studies on the physiological effects of mental stress and the results all indicate the same thing-unmanaged stress and anxiety will reduce the length and quality of your life. That should be reason enough for you to take steps towards reducing stress in your life.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars every year on drugs designed to curtail anxiety and panic, drugs designed to control anxiety attacks and panic attacks. Many of these drugs have helped people live normal productive lives. However, if you really want to regain control of your life, if you really want to eliminate stress without numbing the human experience, please explore some other options first.