Miracle Gro Potting Soil: Bigger, healthier plants after just a few uses.

I used to think that dirt was dirt until I started using Miracle Gro potting soil.

I would buy the least expensive soil and could never figure out why my plants were dying and the soil was hardening in the pot. I also noticed a multitude of parasites that seemed to be coming out of the soil and were feeding on the tender shoots of new growth.

Since I had always used the Miracle Gro food (the kind you add to the water) with good results, I decided one day to spend the extra money on the soil. I have been hooked since.

My plants not only grow like crazy, they are a lot healthier looking and are easier to maintain, despite having to repot and clip them more frequently. The soil provides continuous nutrients to the roots, and stays moist longer. The soft mixture of peat and soil creates an environment that lets the plants roots stretch and grow as nature intended. The plants are better able to "breathe", which results in healthier, happier plants. I have also noticed that I no longer have the parasites that were breeding in the other soils.

Miracle Gro is the cleanest, easiest soil I have tried and has everything needed already mixed in to a perfect blend. No more having to pay big bucks for the soil and all the extras. Miracle Gro is definitely a one stop shop where your potting needs are concerned.