How to Cure Yourself with Herbs, Vegetables and Fruits

Are you experiencing a lack of energy, that quickly leads into: a loss of motivation? If you answer yes, to this question, then the problem could, in fact be, that you are falling ill. While being sick has many disadvantages characterized to it, and is not something anyone expects- until it suddenly happens, many different types of herbs, and produce foods are available that can reverse the curse of a cold. With that being announced, get headed straight to the supermarket to locate your medicine!

Now, there are many types of herbs, vegetables, and fruits which contain healing properties, the body's immune system needs in order to get well, if it by chance is breaking down. The list I have comprised will steer you towards the basics, and consists of common items you will be able to find at most any grocery store. Some of these items can be used regularly, as others, I stress this, can be used only sparingly, because of the high risk of accidently poisoning yourself. Keep in mind that anything you read in this article only offers a suggestion of what may be taken, for the natural build up of immunity. These products should not be used- all at once, by every means! Pick and choose, and definatly do a little more research on whatever you decide, in order for to discover some of the negative effects of mixing herbs. Remember, the combination of some different types of herbs, can be fatal! I offer this useful information to enrich the lives of others.

Let's get started on a few things of which you could use to combat your illness. Many of these edible cures have different types of healing effects associated with them, therefore: this is just an example of what their magic can do for you. My favorite herb, I would like to inform you about is basil. While many Italian dishes use this herb to spice, did you know, it can also be used to relieve a headache, or stomach cramps? Try a little ginger at the onset of a cold to ease effects of expected symptoms. Next, I describe a bitter herb which has been reputed as a powerful anti-oxidant, and also an antibiotic with a high content of vitamen C. That is our faithful friend, garlic, one of the many "blood purifiers". Now we can't forget about, dill. Amazingly enough, this lovely tasting herb aids in stimulating your appitite, as well as chive can. We all know that it's pretty hard to take down food, if in fact a cold, does, viciously invade our body.

What, you ask, should be taken for that horrible sore throat? I say, how about some red eyebright, which will also remove congestion in the nasal passages. Do you like onions? If they are not a norm, in your diet- you should definatly pick up a few. Mixing onion with a little bit of honey can make you less hoarse, and send a cough on it's way. If you've heard of the powerful effects wheatgrass has, you should invest in a bushle of it. This may sound strange, but wheatgrass, grown from the wheatseed, can assist in detoxifying the body, and works wonders on a sinus infection. This will lead you to the health food section of the store. Or maybe even the health food store where you can also find the red eyebright as a tea that can be drunk.

Many other things can be purchased to make you well again, that are found in the health food section, such as, enchinacea- another awesome "blood purifier". Herbal teas can also be found there, and German Chamomile is one that can be used with a compress, if your throat is severely sore. Just wrap gently around you neck, reapply when needed. Comfrey is also very healing, and is vital in stopping a persistent cough. Clove can be made into tea which will help with nausea. Reduce chest problems with oatstraw, or a sore throat, with sage tea.

Sage can be toxic so don't use too much! If you're having trouble digesting food, try a little cayenne pepper to onset the breakdown. For that horrid fever you'll be glad to know, that barley will bring it down. Since alot of herbs aren't native to the United States, they've been dried and packed into little bottles. Even though most people use them to flavor their food, these spices can be taken internally, in a larger amount than what you normally use for dinner, to recharge your immune system. Sore throats can also be lessoned with thyme which also is an herb that shouldn't be used in excess. Gargle savory for indigestion.

If you happen to make it to the health food store, check for some licorice root, likely in capsule form. It's known to knock mucas out of your throat, once again; alleviate a cough, and reduce a fever. Disease becomes trapped within bodily mucus. How's that for an appitizer? Add it to other decoctions to produce a more flavorful effect. At this emmaculate store, you can find some eucalyptus, which comes as oil and can be added to a vapor bath for the ease of breathing. Ginseng is also helpful for the common cold and chest problems. If you really can't sleep through the night- pick up some St. Johnswort for that evil insomnia.

While wine is not recommend, the stuff that makes it is. Red grapes are very antioxidant, and battle a sickness without end, and bring vitality. Cucumber has beneficial effects on the lungs and can also be used for constipation. Pineapple contains loads of vitamen C, and will boost up the ol' immune system, as does watermelon. Some other vegetables that contain vitamen C are: broccoli, kale, peppers, and leafy green vegetables. Fruits that also have a high amount of this vitamen are tomatoes, cantaloupe and mangoes. Lemon is awesome for sore throats! If your needing that boost of energy, why not try some sweet potatoes which contain fiber, providing the remedy. Radish or even horseradish mixed with a little raw sugar can aid a cough.

If your really can't afford the St. Johnswort and are staying up all hours of the night, just buy a little lettuce. Peculiar, I know, but it contains sedative properties along with a common vegetable called celery. Just mix into a salad for relief. Pomegranate provides nourishment and is also very antioxidant, like blueberries, a super food which are used to prevent cancer, and repair the body. Raspberries are mildly laxative, if your experiencing constipation after a lack of chow.

Using these cures, can save you money by not visiting the Doctor. A number of them are also relatively cheap. Most of what I described can be used regularly in order that you don't get sick in the first place. Some, like I said, have the potential to be extremely deadly. Use your wisdom, reasearch if you don't know, and take each cure accordingly. May this help you to become well, and, "put a coat and hat on when you go outside". Don't give up!