Coffee Of The Month Clubs

Coffee of the month clubs make an excellent business or personal gift. If you know a coffee lover and are looking for a unique gift, consider a subscription to a coffee club. Each month, your recipient will be given a different flavor of coffee delivered right to their door. Or if you choose, you can pick their favorite flavor and have that delivered each month.

Coffee of the month clubs are available in three, six, and twelve month memberships. Imagine, a whole year of gourmet coffee delivery! Who would not enjoy a new flavor of coffee each month, or look forward to the scheduled delivery of fresh coffee on a regular basis?

Treat Yourself to Coffee of the Month Clubs

You can also join coffee of the month clubs yourself. You do not have to give them away as a gift! Perhaps you enjoy sampling different coffees or just want to try something other than the supermarket brands. Treat yourself to the experience of high-quality coffee, delivered freshly each month. If you like it a lot, you can buy more than one pound each month.

Often, coffee clubs give you more than just the coffee. Sometimes they include subscriptions to …

Coffee Suppliers

Coffee suppliers on the Internet have a whole lot more to offer than your neighborhood coffee shop. The fact that they offer an almost astonishing range of roasted coffee beans goes without saying. You might be surprised, though, to discover some of the other things you can get from coffee suppliers online.

If you’re really a fanatic about fresh coffee, how about roasting your own at home? Several online coffee suppliers can provide you with a roaster, green coffee beans, and instructions for creating your own roast, either with a stovetop popcorn popper or with a dedicated home roaster. The unroasted beans last almost indefinitely, so you can keep a supply of several different types on hand, creating a coffee “cellar.” Would you like Kauai this morning, or Ethiopian Harrar?

Coffee Suppliers Have All the Accoutrements

For those who want authenticity with their espresso, how about a set of double-walled, stainless steel Italian espresso or cappuccino cups? Not only do they look incredibly Continental, but the vacuum between the double walls keeps your espresso hotter than porcelain cups. These would make excellent gifts for your favorite coffee maven.

Perhaps he or she would like a stainless steel espresso tamper with …

Best Coffee Cakes

People everywhere are looking for a tastier, better way to celebrate the holidays. Consequently, gifts of wine, books, and gourmet cakes are topping the lists of more and more people at year’s end. Some of the best coffee cakes around can be ordered online, and leveraging this fact at times of gift-giving is making the holidays more enjoyable for everyone.

Some of the best coffee cakes in the world can be found and ordered online, and the fact that coffee cakes can be ordered with a touch of a button makes gift-giving easy, even enjoyable. A person can order and send all of her Christmas gifts with ease, and in just moments. People love to receive gifts that they can open and share with loved ones, rather than unneeded items that will simply collect dust at the back of the closet.

The Best Coffee Cakes Are Online

Everyone needs to take a break at times, especially in our modern, hectic lifestyle. A slice of coffee cake and a mug of tea at four o’clock in the afternoon can be a wonderful pick-me-up. A pot of specialty gourmet coffee and a slice of apple cinnamon coffee cake goes remarkably well …

Illy Coffee

Illy coffee is a brand that's well-known around the world and has recently begun to make inroads in the American market. From a coffee-lover's standpoint, that's a good thing–Illy coffee is one of the best tasting espressos available to the mass market. Let's take a look at the history of the company and some of the products it offers.

The Story of Illy Coffee

Illy Coffee was founded in 1933 by Francesco Illy in his hometown of Trieste, Italy. The company started out of his house, but within a few years Illy had invented a revolutionary espresso machine that caused his business to expand. The machine was the "illetta" and it was the first automated machine that substituted steam with compressed air.

Illy has been in the coffee business for over a half-century, but retains its corporate roots in Trieste to this day. The company was founded on the principle of consistency, which is an important trait for a coffee company. To this day, Illy only uses one type of coffee bean–100 percent Arabica–and despite (or perhaps because of) this fact it fills over five million cups of coffee every day.

Illy coffee is available ground or in …

Low Fat Coffee Cakes

Low fat coffee cakes are an ideal way to enjoy an old favorite with a clear conscience. Finding a satisfying, guilt-free pleasure is a godsend, especially to those who are becoming more health-conscious. A good online coffee cakes resource will have a wide selection of some of the world's best coffee cakes and gourmet gifts, including those on the lighter side.

Low fat coffee cakes are great to keep on hand to serve neighbors, family, and friends who drop by. It's so nice to have something delicious and welcoming to serve, no matter what the occasion. Just fix a pot of coffee, and any occasion can turn into a celebration.

Low Fat Coffee Cakes Are Lean and Delicious

Low fat coffee cakes make excellent gifts, and don't add to the holiday pounds. So many people make a mad dash during the holiday season, searching for unique items for everyone on their lists, without trying to break the bank. It's good to remember that everyone loves the gift of warmth and welcome, and a good online coffee cakes resource can take care of any list in one fell swoop.

The first step in taking better care of ourselves can be as …