Coffee Suppliers

Coffee suppliers on the Internet have a whole lot more to offer than your neighborhood coffee shop. The fact that they offer an almost astonishing range of roasted coffee beans goes without saying. You might be surprised, though, to discover some of the other things you can get from coffee suppliers online.

If you’re really a fanatic about fresh coffee, how about roasting your own at home? Several online coffee suppliers can provide you with a roaster, green coffee beans, and instructions for creating your own roast, either with a stovetop popcorn popper or with a dedicated home roaster. The unroasted beans last almost indefinitely, so you can keep a supply of several different types on hand, creating a coffee “cellar.” Would you like Kauai this morning, or Ethiopian Harrar?

Coffee Suppliers Have All the Accoutrements

For those who want authenticity with their espresso, how about a set of double-walled, stainless steel Italian espresso or cappuccino cups? Not only do they look incredibly Continental, but the vacuum between the double walls keeps your espresso hotter than porcelain cups. These would make excellent gifts for your favorite coffee maven.

Perhaps he or she would like a stainless steel espresso tamper with a rosewood handle. How about a copper ibrik for making Turkish coffee or a French press for that perfect morning cup? If there’s a coffee lover in your life, your gift problems are over when you browse coffee suppliers online.