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Far Infrared Saunas: Substance Abuse, Addiction, and Chemical Dependency

It is becoming more and more apparent that the accumulation of drug residues and their lipophilic metabolites in the body plays a key role in drug addiction. These residues are linked with persistent symptoms, and their mobilization from body stores into the bloodstream connects with drug cravings experienced by most substance abusers.

One researcher developed a detoxification method that was exclusively aimed at reducing levels of fat-stored chemical residues in the body and to thereby lessen the long term effects of such compounds. The strength of drug metabolites in both sweat and urine was calculated in 8 subjects who had been aggressively using drugs prior to treatment with this program. The treatment took place at the Narconon drug rehabilitation center in Los Angeles. Cocaine, amphetamine, and benzodiazepine (valium) metabolites were identified by fluorescent immunoassay in both the sweat and urine of the subjects. How was this accomplished? The program utilized Far Infrared Sauna therapy. Following treatment, both past and current drug users tested for marked improvements in symptoms with many returning to normal range. This detoxification program symbolizes an essential innovation in drug rehabilitation; an approach directed at a long term decrease of the predisposition for drug abuse.

Addiction results from several different factors or elements; the treatment approach must not only address the mental and emotional, but the physical as well. That is where the infrared sauna comes into play. The more you use it, the faster the drugs and chemicals are excreted. But quitting in itself is not very difficult; the trick is staying quit. Many addicts have sustained so many physical and mental changes that they need to acquire their fix merely to sustain equilibrium. In other words, withdrawal may be hard, and the better prepared you are for withdrawal, the more adept you will be to conquer it. Infrared sauna therapy does just that.

The fundamental factors for recovery are the same as for any rehabilitation:

• Drink plenty of clean fresh water (especially while in the sauna)
• Eat plenty of good high fiber
• Get plenty of adequate sleep
• Participate in daily exercise
• Participate in group activities
• Don’t isolate yourself (the more people know you are trying to quit—the more they will help you.)

There is also a list of natural support instruments to use in conjunction with FIR sauna therapy that will help:

Essential fatty acids (If possible, please use cold-pressed & raw Flaxseed, Evening Primrose and Borage oils/1 tablespoon a day) in conjunction with the sulfur proteins (foods with cysteine or methionine, such as eggs, garlic, onions) will make fat soluble toxins water soluble, allowing all the toxic wastes, which are preferentially stored in the body’s fat cells, to be flushed out through the kidneys and sweat glands.

FIR sauna therapy enhances perspiration and excretion of toxins. Be sure you scrub down after your session in the sauna (use a high-fat soap such as coconut oil soap or Dr. Bronner’s soap) after sweating as this will soften the fatty secretions and prevent their re-absorption.

Large doses of vitamin C (powdered form preferable). You may use up to 12 grams a day with ¼ teaspoon being equal to 1 gram. Vitamin C is the ultimate free radical scavenger and will assist you in cleansing and oxygenating the tissues. It will also facilitate keeping your bowels moving which is a very important factor in successfully becoming clean and sober. The combination of vitamin C and the infrared sauna are extremely helpful in speeding the toxins and healing the body.

Glutamine which is very valuable in detoxification as well as performing as an excitatory neurotransmitter. Taking 1 gram, 4-6 times a day on an empty stomach will encourage the body’s natural opiates, the endorphins and enkephalins, to assist you through the cravings.

FIR sauna therapy will also help you with sleep and depression. If you need further assistance, there are herbal supplements that can work in conjunction with your detoxification. Dream on and Mood Mender are two excellent herbal additions to your anti-addiction arsenal.

There are numerous people who have been helped with acupuncture, in particular for ridding your body of nicotine and street drugs. It has been so successful that some state government agencies have taken notice. Seattle King County medical insurance will now reimburse acupuncture treatments for addicts, and in Oregon, heroin addicts MUST try acupuncture before receiving methadone.

Use of FIR sauna therapy allows toxins, synthetic chemicals, and drugs, a comparatively safe passage out of your body without jeopardizing vital organs or passing the blood/brain barrier. When combined with other natural aids and proper diet, it is the most effective approach to combat addiction.

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