Alternative Health Article about Past Life Therapy

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Normal 0 So many times we see people suffering for unexplained reasons.This suffering can be in any form. It can be some physical disease, emotional issue or any unexplained suffering. When it is any physical disease then people seek doctors. When they can’t get relief there, they visit healers and alternate therapist. So many times all these things too fail. Some times we see two people coming together willingly but after some time they become total strangers to each other and don’t miss any opportunity to inflict pain on each other. If it is a psychological issue then people go to psychologists and then psychiatrists too. Some time there also they don’t get any solution of their problem. This phenomenon we see in business and career too. So many times we see people encountering failure after failure in profession. It is not that their decisions were irrational or they didn’t work hard. But despite having every professional tool they just don’t succeed. This leaves not only sufferer perplexed but observers are also clueless. So what is the catch? Where the reason lies?

Almost all religions of the world believe in theory of karma. All of them say that we reap what we sow. All of them talk about karmic debt. They say that we have to pay for our commissions and omissions. Hinduism and other contemporary religions believe in theory of reincarnation too. They say that our soul is on a journey which is in continuation and present life is just a small part of that journey. According to this theory no act of present life can be seen in isolation and it is connected with our past lives. If we combine both these theories then it becomes very obvious and logical that some of karmic debt we must be carrying from our past lives and this could be the cause of our unexplained problems and sufferings.

The journey of soul and hence sub conscious, is a continuous one. For them there is no past, present or future. So in this journey, which our conscious mind fragments as past, present and future, there will always be some unpaid karmic debts carried over from one part of the journey to another. This clearly tells us that some of our present life issues have their origin in past lives and till we don’t resolve the origin, we can’t resolve the present issues.

Hindus constitute the 80% of the population of this country. Still they too find it difficult to accept this doctrine which they only gave to world thousands of years back. It is due to influence of western education and beliefs. Since Christianity does not believe in reincarnation, western knowledge also did not accept it for hundreds of years. But in last 50 years a lot has changed in western world too. They started getting evidences of past lives and their memories. Hence began a systematic research in this field. If we try to understand this phenomenon in their language, then acceptance becomes easier to our western trained mind.

Psychologists have said for long that our sub conscious stores all our experiences and associated unresolved emotions. They also say that the cause of most of our emotional problems lie in our childhood experiences. Memories of those experiences are stored in sub conscious. They employ different tools, including hypnosis, to correct the attached emotions. During hypnosis it was observed that many times random memories came out which were unrelated to the present life of the individual. Initially this phenomenon was ignored but later when research was done; it was found that those random, unrelated memories were of different time and place than the present life. Initially it was taken as the imagination of the individual but as such cases increased then it was difficult to ignore them. In some of the cases follow up was done to verify the place, time and incident seen under hypnosis. Then the empirical evidence were collected to establish that these memories are from the past lives of the individual. Slowly psychologists and researchers started understanding and accepting that our sub conscious stores not only memories of present life but also the memories of all our previous lives.

Now the question came that when person was put under hypnosis to see the childhood memory related with the present issue then why he went in past life and why only to that particular past life? Then it was found that issue of the present life has its origin in the past life, hence person went into past life memory when asked to view the related memory. He went into a specific life which was related with the present issue.

How this memory of past life can help in resolving the present life issues? Which are the probable issues of the present life that have origin in past lives? How this knowledge of our past life can help us in raising the quality of our present life? We will know the answers of all these questions next week.