The service dogs

The oldest friend of the mankind plays a significant role in the lives of the humans. The dogs assist humans in a number of ways and when trained in specific functioning they are able to accomplish excellent service which may range from hunting, guarding property, assisting disabled persons to carry out daily chores, assisting police in criminology and as an emotional support dog. The dog training is a specialized job and should be left to the experts of the field so that the dogs can be trained to meticulously perform the tasks entrusted to them.

Assisting in getting houses on rent

But keeping pet dogs poses some difficulty when finding home as most of the landlords refuse to give houses to the tenants having pet dogs. But the rule of the land demands that the pet dog owner should have proper certificates denoting the dogs emotional support dogs, in which case, no landlord can deny giving rent. If you wonder wherefrom you would be able to get such certificate, you must know that there are institutions which cater to such needs of the people. You have to apply online and agree to their terms and conditions and then pay the fees. The due certificate from your registered medical practitioner certifying your requirement of the dogs as emotional support is to be submitted. They will approve your submission. Of course they would like to check your credit rating and rental history prior to approving the dogs as emotional support.

Training the dogs

There are organizations that employ experts for training the dogs. The training needs differ depending upon the breed of the dog, its sizes and temperament. The training achievements will depend on the health, trainability, temperament and physical ability of the dogs being trained. One important obstacle during the training is to train the dogs not to get distracted by surroundings. For this they are trained in such a way that when put on with the training gears they are not to get distracted. They are also trained to be able to relax and be friendly to the others when the training gears are removed. But, it is to be maintained that no public handling of the dog be allowed without the permission of the owner of the dog.

Once your emotional support dog is registered they are allowed to go anywhere along with you such as restaurants, bus stands, air terminal, schools, riding taxis, theater halls, doctor’s place etc. As a matter of fact you are supposed to take the dogs along with you wherever you move. There is no need to put the gear or apparel for the service dogs as per the law but some put these in order to avoid public apprehension about the dog.

Dogs are the closest to the humans

Dogs are considered the best service animal due to their close association with the humans from time immemorial. They understand the humans the best observing facial expressions and gestures and postures more accurately than your fellow human being can. The dogs are sociable by nature and are capable of helping and protecting the humans even daring to fight with danger risking their lives. In addition to all such assistance such as law enforcement, farming, search as well rescue, the most amazing assistance which the dogs are able to render is as emotional support dog.

The dogs are able to provide emotional support to the elderly, weak and persons living alone away from the family members. The old age today is very complex due to the problem of loneliness. In most of the houses we find the elderly people living alone as the children have to move to places for the sake of service. In such cases the pet dogs can render excellent services by working as emotional support dog.