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You Are What You Eat, Or What You Absorb? | Jash Botanicals

Absorbing Nutrients

Everybody seems to think it is easy. Gobble up lots of fruits and veggies, and maybe take a vitamin/mineral supplement, and then you will realize the health benefits—a longer, healthier life.

Guess what? It is not that simple, according to numerous doctors who specialize in nutrition. You are not just what you put into your mouth, and nor are you the supplements you take. According to the specialists—you are what you ABSORB.

Have you ever wondered if the foods you consume or the supplements you take are in fact reaching all the cells in your body? Well, one way would be to be aware of how you feel, however, this may not give you the whole picture. Illnesses may progress over time, while subtle symptoms go unnoticed.

There are some advocates that claim there is an additional and more precise way to establish whether you are absorbing the nutrients in your foods and supplements—getting tested. According to them, it will cost you some money and a little blood, but there are three important benefits to these tests. First, you get a picture of your nutrient levels so you know whether you require supplements or higher dosages. Second, if

The laser lounge in Sydney for laser hair removal

Science and technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last century or so. The way we humans live our daily lives today is entirely different from how our ancestors have lived their lives on this planet. Improved technology has been a chief runner when it comes to inspiring our daily habits and at the same time it has changed our outlook on a large number of characteristics of ours. In the olden days, men and women seldom used to be concerned about the length of the hair (and cutting them short for that matter) but today, the situation has changed vastly. Men and women today have realised how important it is to be well groomed and be neatly maintained to live a civilised life. Moreover, it makes them look better and more attractive.

With time, the hair removal process too has become quite a matter requiring immediate concern. Today, a huge majority of the world population are extra careful about their scalp hair, facial hair, body hair and hair in the private parts. The new attractive and sexy of today is a hairless body and well shaved face though this was not the same a few centuries ago. …

Getting Acquainted With Herbs: Building and Toning Herbs

Building and toning herbs help strengthen the body thus improving the functions of all the organs.  These herbs are used to recover from acute diseases, childbirth, debility, emotional instability, etc.

Aphrodisiacs help in cases of impotence and increase sexual drive.  The most common ones are ginseng, sarsaparilla root, saw palmetto and kava kave.

Astringents increase the tone of tissue.  They help reduce secretions from mucuous linings of the body and can be used to heal draining sores.  Some common ones are mullein, elecampane, calendula, rosemary, sage, yarrow, cayenne and plantain.  Many herbalist may list others, depending on their location and what grows locally.

Cardiacs strengthen the power of the heart.  Most notable are hawthorn berry,  motherwort, and cayenne pepper..

Diaphoretics promote persperation to increase elimination of toxins through the skin.  These are divided into three categories.
Stimulating: Garlic, peppermint, ginger, horseradish

Neutral: sassafras, horehound and sarsaparilla

Relaxing: Calendula, chamomile and lemon balm

Emmenagogues correct and tone the functions of the female system.  They promote and regulate normal menstrual function.  Most commonly used are black cohosh, damiana, motherwort and squaw vine.

Galactagogues promote milk production in nursing mothers.  Some of note are raspberry leaf, blessed thistle and dandelion.

Hepatics tone the …

Alternative Health Article about Past Life Therapy

Normal 0 Normal 0

Normal 0 So many times we see people suffering for unexplained reasons.This suffering can be in any form. It can be some physical disease, emotional issue or any unexplained suffering. When it is any physical disease then people seek doctors. When they can’t get relief there, they visit healers and alternate therapist. So many times all these things too fail. Some times we see two people coming together willingly but after some time they become total strangers to each other and don’t miss any opportunity to inflict pain on each other. If it is a psychological issue then people go to psychologists and then psychiatrists too. Some time there also they don’t get any solution of their problem. This phenomenon we see in business and career too. So many times we see people encountering failure after failure in profession. It is not that their decisions were irrational or they didn’t work hard. But despite having every professional tool they just don’t succeed. This leaves not only sufferer perplexed but observers are also clueless. So what is the catch? Where the reason lies?

Almost all religions of the world believe in theory of karma. All of them

Far Infrared Saunas – What is Infrared?, Evolution, and History

A Little History

The health advantages of saunas are not a contemporary discovery. Historical confirmation and reports show that the Finns constructed the first wooden saunas over 2000 years ago. The primitive or first saunas were dug into a hill or mound. As tools and methods progressed, they were constructed above ground utilizing wooden logs. Rocks were heated in a stone fireplace with a wood fire. The smoke from the fire encompassed the room as the air warmed. As soon as the temperature reached preferred intensity, the smoke was permitted to clear and the patrons entered. The wood smoke scent still remained and was part of the healing ritual. This particular form of traditional smoke sauna was referred to as a savu, which translates into, “smoke” in Finnish.

Sauna Evolution

In time, the sauna developed where it utilized a metal woodstove, or kiuas (ke-wus), with a chimney. The temperature within the sauna was around 180 degrees Fahrenheit, but frequently surpassed 200 degrees in a traditional Finnish sauna. Steam vapor, also referred to as loyly (lou-lu), was generated by splashing water on the heated rocks.

The steam and high heat triggered the users to perspire, therefore eliminating impurities and toxins from

5 Tips for Growing Culinary Herbs

Growing culinary herbs can easily be accomplished using 5 simple tips. To ensure you successfully grow fresh, healthy herbs you'll need these tips.

Growing culinary herbs is very easy to accomplish with 5 simple tips. You are able to grow culinary herbs in a small patch of earth outside, in a small window planter and even in a small container inside. No matter where you choose to plant the herbs, there are 5 basic requirements the herbs will need in order to thrive.

Sun Light

As with any plant, herbs need adequate sunlight in order to grow properly. Before planting your herbs, choose an outdoor area or indoor window that receives plenty of natural sun light throughout the day. Herbs grow best when they receive at least 5 to 7 hours of direct sunlight per day.


When planting your herbs, they need to have well drained soil in order to grow appropriately. The soil's pH level needs to be around neutral of 6-7. Before planting your herbs, add a layer of compost containing nutrients for the herbs to grow. If you choose to plant your herbs in a container, make sure there's at least one hole in the bottom …

Easy Herbs to Grow for Earth Day

Herbs and spices make a huge difference in a dish. They can take your meal from “so-so” to “so good” and add that extra kick that makes people ask for seconds.

But why buy expensive grocery store herbs or the bland, dried variety when you can easily plant your own organic herb garden? Whether you live in the city or the country, herb gardens can be as small or as large as you want. Use a windowsill or acres of land–either way, you’ll have delicious, fresh herbs all year-round for a fraction of the price of the grocery store.

Growing fresh basil and easy recipes


Basil needs a lot of sun so position it in a spot where it receives at least six to eight hours of sunlight a day. Sow the seeds under a thin layer of soil and put multiple seeds in each pot. Instead of using hazardous chemicals, use a small amount of natural compost from your own kitchen. Once it starts to sprout, pick off a few leaves whenever you need them and leave the rest on the plant.


Fresh basil is a great addition to tomato sauce, pesto or sandwiches. Serve it with …

Classico (R) Organic Tomato, Herbs & Spices Pasta Sauce Versus Prego (R) Organic Tomato & Basil Italian Sauce

Recently, I had the opportunity to sample two different brand- name organic pasta sauces within the space of two weeks. Both of these pasta sauces were on sale one week apart, at a small. independent grocery store in my neighborhood. One of the organic pasta sauces that I tried was Classico (R) Organic Tomato, Herbs & Spices and the other was Prego (R) Organic Tomato & Basil Italian Sauce. Being a culinary school- trained, avid cook, I am constantly looking for new dishes to prepare and new- to- me products to sample. I have to admit that I am very fond of prepared pasta sauces. Even though I love preparing and cooking various types of pasta sauces from- scratch, I also very much enjoy eating as many different brands and types of pasta sauces as possible. Sometimes, I simply cook and eat various pasta sauces straight from the jar and serve atop pasta, but more often than not, I prefer to prepare meat sauces, by adding hamburger or sausage to prepared sauces.

With the Classico (R) Organic Tomato, Herbs & Spices and the Prego (R) Organic Tomato & Basil Italian Sauce, I ate plates of pasta with each of the …

A Few Herbs Used in Root Work

Root doctor is a folklore term for a healer that uses plants, especially the roots of herbs, for their magical, healing and spiritual powers. Root working is an ancient southern tradition originating from West Africa and the Caribbean and brought to North America by slaves. Root working combines elements of herbal folklore, spirituality, magic and healing.

Root working is associated with the folk magic belief system called Hoodoo. According to author Stephanie Rose Bird in her book Four Seasons of Mojo Hoodoo "…is not a religion but a collection of folk practices involving magic and healing." Roots are most commonly used as one of the ingredients found in a mojo bag. Mojo bags are a small pouch, often made out of red flannel, which contain a variety of herbs, gemstones and personal objects that the user wears close their body as a type of magic amulet.

A few examples of some of the more popular plants used by root workers include:

Adam & Eve Root (Aplectrum hyemale) – used in love magic, happiness and fidelity spells. Due to over harvesting this plant is now endangered or threatened in many states. You may substitute Orchis spp. in its place. This plant …

Urinary Tract Infections and D-Mannose | Jash Botanicals

Have you noticed in the last hundred years that most of us are very cognizant of the germs that live with us—once in a while for the good, but more than often making us sick? Subsequent to extensive research, we have found that more and more diseases, including heart disease, are being traced back to a certain kind of bacteriological trigger, and a staggering amount of money is being spent to develop drugs to fight these germs. Ironically, we are increasingly sick—even to the point of dying.

Why is this happening? Most scientists and researchesr will tell you that the reason is that germs seem to be evolving into evermore drug-resistant strains. The bottom line is that the drugs get stronger, and so do the germs. Sadly, the antibiotic that cured us last year may not be as effectual this year.

Nowadays, we are exposed to all sorts of pathogens—bacteria, parasites, viruses—in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and in our dealings with one another. The question is, how do we avoid the endless cycle of illness and stronger, more habitually prescribed drugs? That is where a simple sugar, which falls under the category