Milk Thistle Medicinal Herbs Are Available Online

Online herb suppliers have several forms of milk thistle available for use. Whole milk thistle seed is available, including an organic form. Milk thistle seed can be had in powdered form. The leaves are possible to find in a cut and sifted form. Organic milk thistle extract is available for sale from fine herbal outlets, as is an alcohol-free milk thistle extract made from seeds. Milk thistle extract is also provided in a standardized form.

The Latin name for milk thistle is Silybum marianum. There is another relative of milk thistle, and this is called Blessed thistle. They are completely different plants, however, because Blessed thistle goes by the Latin name of Cnicus benedictus.

Silybum marianum makes an edible oil, which is extracted from the seeds of the plant. When the seed is roasted, it may be used as a coffee substitute.

Milk thistle extract is commonly used to ease liver disorders. milk thistle seed may help with cirrhosis of the liver, and the liver inflammation known as chronic hepatitis. It may help to remove poisons from the liver, including certain poisons from poisonous mushrooms. Gallbladder disorders may also be helped with milk thistle. Milk thistle seed may also help to reduce cholesterol, and it may also help to reduce the spread of certain cancer cells. It may help to reduce the unpleasant effects of a hangover.

Herbs such as Silybum marianum can be found through online herb distributors. Herbs, which are typically sold in a dry form, are useful for flavoring foods and drinks. By ordering herbs online, you will have access to a wide variety from around the world, herbs that may not ordinarily be available to you locally. Dried herbs can also be used for craft projects and for making sachet and potpourri.

Some of the best herbs are organically grown herbs. They are grown on special farms that must follow several specific processes in order to qualify for organic certification by the United States Department of Agriculture. They must be grown using non-genetically modified organism seed. In addition, they must not have any synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides used on the plants or on the soil in which the plants grow. The farmland where the plants are cultivated must be synthetic chemical-free for three or more years prior to achieving organic certification.

As is the case with all medicinal herbs, they have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and therefore should not be considered as medicine. If you have a medical condition or problem, you will want to seek the advice of your health care provider promptly.