info on teaching health to young kids

   My philosophy of education is that students need to have fun while learning. Either by doing hand on projects or art projects while getting the students attention. Group work is also an important way to get students to learn. Anyway I can get a student to learn will make me happy. That is how I feel all teachers should be. It is my job to make sure that students learn in what ever way is possible.  I just hope that in my teaching I can make it fun for them. A fun teacher is a teacher that students remember. It is also the information that students can keep a hold of for a longer period of time. 

      When I am teaching I think having hands on projects will make sense. Students can feel, touch, and smell the concept I am trying to teach. One example would be if we were talking about environmental waste, I could have the students bring in paper and let it build up in the classroom. This will show students how quickly was can build up and cause problems. Then we could gather up the trash and take a tour of the local recycling center. This will let the students see that many things can be done with trash other then throwing it in the trash can. Also it will allow students to grasp concepts that can not be taught to them through a book. If students read that recycling was good out of a book then they may get it. Seeing it first hand puts it into the children’s mind that yes this can be good, I have seen it with my own eyes.

      Art projects are another good way I think students can learn. Here students are able to express their emotions through art. For example we I am covering mental and emotional health I can have students draw out their feelings. Also I can have students express themselves using different colors. By doing art projects students can understand how important health can be. That it does not have to be boring or blah.

      Group projects are a great way to let the children tell you what they already know. They can do brain storming ideas that all the students to express what they know. In a group not all students are going to known the same information. But maybe in that group you will be able to build upon the information that they do know. Students are able to share ideas thought and feelings. If you set up your class well you will be able to put together like minded student together. You may also be able to have groups that are going to be good for helping out students who need extra attention. Group projects only work in older groups. I do not feel it very well to have students do group projects in kindergarten or first grade. I would do the projects in groups in these grades as a whole.

      There are many different ways to for me to teach children. Art projects, hands on projects, and group projects are just a few of the ways I would teach. All of these affect the way I have to act to be a health educator. I have to make sure that the information is presented to the students. I have to make sure that I cover everything that will be on a state test, because if the test scores are not high enough then I will not be able to hold my job. The school only cares about keeping the scores up so that they can get more funding. This drives me nuts because the schools do not care wither the students are learning the information they need to go on with their own lives and be productive and stay health. It is our job as health educator to get students ready for life and to pass the state test. It is my job to make sure I can do both for my students. I again want my students to have fun while learning what they need to live a healthy life.