Healthy Hair: Minimizing Split Ends and Breakage

It takes a lot of time and effort in order to acheive long healthy hair. One of the most important factors is to minimize split ends and breakage. Split ends cause the hair to weaken and break, during normal brushing, combing and styling. Once you recognize what you are doing to cause split ends an implement the proper techniques to minimize this condition, you are on your way to long, healthy, beautiful hair.

First and foremost, never brush your hair while it is wet. When you brush wet hair it stretches and weakens. Wait until it is dry before brushing. If you must remove tangles while it is still wet, use a comb which has teeth that are wide spaced. Start at the bottom of the hair, at the tips and work your way to the scalp.

To remove any split ends that you may have, trim your hair once every six weeks. This not only removes dead, split ends, it also promotes new healthy hair growth. When you trim your hair, just barely nip the ends, cuttting less than an eighth of an inch. You don't want to cut too much from the length, or you will be defeating …

How to Maintain a Healthy Vegetable Garden

After all of your hard work of planting your garden. You must also do the necessary work to keep it maintained and your plants healthy. Healthy plants produce more fruits and vegetables. The first and most thing you need to do is keep your plants watered. Under watering can result in lost crop, dwarfed plants, some diseases and certain fruit rot.

Secondly you need to keep the weeds out of the garden. Weeds rob moisture and nutrients from the soil. Weeds also grow quicker and taller than your vegetable plants. Therefore they steal the necessary light from your smaller plants. Without that necessary light the plants will be unable to flourish and produce adequate fruit.

To keep your plants vibrant and healthy you should feed them. Use a basic fertilizer. Fertilize plants as recommended. There are many different types fertilizers and plant foods for many different plants. You can choose a specific plant food for your type of plants if you want.

Vegetables need to be picked when ready, so that the plant can produce more fruit. Leaving the fruit or vegetable on the plant after it's ready to be picked will slow down the plants production.

You also now …

Healthy Living Is Dying

One hundred twenty years – 120 years of life that is. That’s what you get at the most. That’s what the Bible seems to say. That’s what today’s observation of the longest living humans shows. And that’s what science says. Healthy living is simply dying at the slowest rate possible, improving the chances of making it to 120 years old.

Most of us won’t make it to 120 years. Why? A major reason is most of us engage in unhealthy habits.

When we speak of extending life, what we really are talking about is taking steps to delay death. So instead of thinking about adding time to the clock, we should think in terms of preventing time from being taken off the clock prematurely.

Hayflick Limit

The best available science says the cells in our bodies are programmed to live about 120 years with each cell capable of dividing 40-60 times before it dies or becomes senescent. This limited capacity of cells to divide is called the Hayflick Limit and was discovered by Leonard Hayflick in 1961. And it is consistent with today’s observation of the longest living humans.

Prior to Hayflick’s discovery, it was felt that human cells could …

Anxiety Treatment

Incorporating some form of anxiety treatment program into your daily routine is vital if you want to have a truly happy life. Now, some of us experience more anxiety than others. In fact, I probably experienced enough anxiety for a hundred people, but all of us should take active steps to eliminate it.

In reality, some anxiety and fear can be helpful because it’s often an indication that something isn’t quite right. However, just as these feelings can be beneficial, if they become too overpowering, they can keep you from doing the things you need to do in order to help yourself. Unmanaged anxiety will paralyze you, keeping health and happiness at bay.

Anxiety Treatments Available Today

Thousands of companies push thousands of products that supposedly reduce anxiety. Certain pills claim to be a natural remedy for anxiety and certain self-appointed self-help gurus claim to have all the answers. Hey, if it works for you and you feel yourself moving closer and closer to inner peace and contentment, by all means continue.

Anxiety is caused by a million different things and manifests itself in many different ways. Outwardly, someone might appear to be calm and collected, but on the inside …

Eat your fruit daily for health!!!

Fruit plays an important role in our diet

. Fruit is known to be human's natural diet. Some people who are being treated for chronic diseases are advised to eat organic fruits or freshly squeezed fruit juices. Among the many health benefits of fruits is that it is a natural anti-depressant. Studies shown that by eating fruits it can help you feel relaxed, this is due to Tryptophan an amino acid that is present in fruits. Tryptophan can help the brain produce serotonin , a low level of serotonin is linked with anxiety, depression and insomnia. There are many benefits of increasing serotonin levels naturally instead of just taking anti-depressant.

Fruits also contain antioxidants and phytochemicals that help nourish brain cells. Therefore fruits are essential for those people who are experiencing chronic diseases because the powerful antioxidants of fruits may help prevent the progress of the disease and it may also help cure it.

How much fruits do you need? 

  • Nutrition expert recommend to eat at least 2 servings (1 ½ cup) of fresh fruit or fruit juice everyday for a healthier body.
  • Eat a piece of fruit before you go to bed. It will help you sleep and help