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mercury amalgam controversy

Remember in high school when those braces made you a “metal mouth”? Well just because your braces are gone, doesn’t mean your mouth is metal free. If you have fillings, those silver “soldiers” are really more like silver solders, and instead of fighting cavities, they may battling your body.

Chew on This

It’s amazing that dental amalgams are called silver fillings. A truer description would be to call them mercury amalgams since they are actually a mixture of elemental liquid mercury (43 to 54%) with the remainder an alloy powder of silver, tin, copper and small amounts of zinc, palladium, and/or indium. Mercury, unlike the other metals used in creating dental amalgams, never completely solidifies.

The result: Every time you bite down on a dental amalgam you release Mercury vapor that may be either absorbed through tissues or swallowed. Once mercury is inside your body it readily attaches to body tissues and your body has no natural way to eliminate it without your help.

If It Ain’t Broke – Why Fix It?

Although the ADA (American Dental Association) is stubborn in denying the harmful affects of silver dental amalgams, both the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are both taking a hard new look at dental amalgams.

The CDC’s stand on dental amalgams is that although there is no hard evidence dental amalgams are harmful, the possibility that they “pose health risks cannot be totally ruled out” because of the lack of “definitive human studies”. The CDC proposes a comprehensive research program into dental amalgams, educational programs for both dental professionals and consumers, and regulation and labeling through the FDA.

The FDA is also re-examining its stand on dental amalgams and is proposing labeling that will “list the ingredients in descending order of weight by percentage and include lot numbers, appropriate warnings and precautions, handling instructions and expiration dating.”

One has to wonder – “If it ain’t broke, why are these government organizations considering potential fixes?

In the interim, while US government agencies “talk the talk”, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and many other countries have already placed stringent bans on the use of dental amalgams in order to diminish both human exposure, and environmental release of mercury.

Get the Metal Out of Your Mouth and Out of Your Body!

Why should you wait for a government study to tell you that mercury doesn’t belong in your body? Mercury toxicity stories are seen frequently in the news. A Google search reveals 3.5 million web pages on the subject.

Mercury is the most toxic, non-radioactive element known to man. Virtually every industry has either reduced or banned the use of mercury with the exception of dentistry! Just a few of the symptoms of mercury toxicity include insomnia, shyness, memory loss, emotional instability renal failure, dementia, and acrodynia (Pink’s Disease). Mercury toxicity is insidious in that it frequently is misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), or Multiple Sclerosis to name just a few.

Why Wait to See the Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning?

Acute toxicity usually is related to the inhalation of elemental mercury or ingestion of inorganic mercury. Mercury that builds up in the body over time, like that ingested from mercury amalgams, results in chronic mercury toxicity rather than acute mercury toxicity.

You can safely and naturally eliminate mercury from your body before it becomes a problem. Treatments that use natural products are not only safe and effective but also affordable and simple to use.

Of course, the best step in ridding your mouth and body of mercury is removal of mercury amalgams and replacement with alternatives. However, even if you undergo this costly procedure, it doesn’t completely solve the problem of eliminating mercury from your body. Chances are, mercury ions have already attached themselves to bodily tissues through years of mercury vapor inhalation and ingestion. Once it’s inside, your body has no way to eliminate mercury without your help.

The solution to eliminating mercury from your body is a sound detoxification program through natural chelation methods. Chelators act like toxic metal magnets, drawing mercury ions from body tissues and binding with them to carry them out of your body. However, treatments differ for acute toxicity and chronic toxicity. Synthetic chemicals like DMSA, DMPS, and high-dose intravenous EDTA infusions are life-savers for acute cases of Mercury poisoning, yet they are not appropriate chelators for chronic Mercury poisoning, and in fact can cause serious and potentially fatal side effects.

Natural Alternatives for Mercury Detoxification

Your body is a composite of systems that, when healthy, work together to maintain your well being. Just like “what goes up must come down,” what goes into your body can come out through your body’s natural systems of elimination IF encouraged to do so properly. Your body’s most important natural elimination channels are your gastro-intestinal system (digestion) and your skin (perspiration).

A sound natural chelation program includes a combination of herbs, amino acids, and other nutritional supplements. Several chelating agents and detoxification methods can be used in tandem, not only speeding the elimination process but providing additional health benefits as well.


Bio-Chelat™ is an orally administered liquid chelation product from Germany, backed by documented clinical trials in both Germany and the United States. In fact, because of its efficiency in the chelation of heavy metals without generating unwanted side effects, Bio-Chelat™ has been issued a U.S. government patent, a notable distinction between Bio-Chelat™ and other chelating agents.

Bio-Chelat™ is formulated with a very dilute solution of Disodium EDTA (200mg per 100 ml bottle) vs. the traditional oral dose of EDTA at 250 mg per capsule. Other ingredients include Sodium Bicarbonate 300 mg, Citric Acid 300 mg, Potassium Chloride 100mg, Sodium Chloride 50 mg, and Calcium Chloride 5 mg as well as a small amount of an oxidative catalyst. The oxidative catalyst weakens the bonds of heavy metal ions to body tissues. Once loosened, Bio-Chelat™ grabs them and passes them through your body’s natural elimination systems.

Because it contains only a very small amount of EDTA, Bio-Chelat™ is both gentler and safer than many other chelators. It has no affect on and causes no harm to your liver, kidneys or gastro-intestinal tract. In addition, Bio-Chelat™ does not interfere with prescription medications.

Most importantly, Bio-Chelat™ attaches firmly to heavy metal ions once their bonds have been weakened and prevents them from breaking loose again and being reabsorbed into your blood stream. A problem with many other chelators is that they tend to let go of part of their payload before elimination. These newly released ions reattach to body tissues and cause damage in new areas of your body. Bio-Chelat™ hangs on from the time you swallow it until you flush it away. Bio-Chelat™ is also economical when compared to other forms of chelation, which may cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars for treatments with the additional cost of visits to your health practitioner. Finally, Bio-Chelat™ is easy to administer by adding a few drops in a glass of spring, distilled, or RO water 3 times daily. It has been proven safe for children, the elderly, and the chronically ill.

The numerous studies and clinical trials that back Bio-Chelat™ give us, at Jash Botanicals, every confidence in our strong recommendation of the product. In each case, clinical trials showed that Bio-Chelat™ is reliable and effective in reducing the total toxic load of heavy metals.

During treatment, the body’s heavy-metal-ion load is significantly decreased without disturbing important mineral and trace elements within the body, with the exception of zinc. In clinical studies done in Germany, zinc was slightly decreased, so we do suggest that you use a Zinc supplement while taking Bio-Chelat™.

Bio-Chelat™ works at a deep level to eliminate both bound and unbound heavy metal ions. To further augment or boost the effectiveness, we suggest using Bio-Chelat™ in conjunction with LL’s Magnetic Clay Detox Baths. As Bio-Chelat™ extracts heavy metals from your tissues the baths pull out unbound heavy metals and toxic chemicals and eliminate them through the pores of your skin.

LL Magnetic Clay

LL's Magnetic Clay Baths are specifically formulated to release both chemical and heavy metal toxins. As if magnetically charged, LL’s Magnetic Clay Baths pull molecules of chemicals and toxic metals out of your body.

LL’s Magnetic Detox Clay Baths feature a unique bentonite clay, synergistically combined with volcanic ash and a customized blend of herbs and spices. Unlike other commercial clay baths, LL’s Magnetic Clay Baths contain only natural ingredients.

The Dental/Mercury Detox Bath is one of the most popular baths in LL’s Magnetic Clay Baths lineup. In just a 15 to 20 minute soak, you’ll see the dark remnants of eliminated toxins in your bath water. Not to worry though, clean-up is easy with Clay Dissolving Agents.

Mercury produces a wide range of disorders but especially creates behavioral disruptions within the neurological system. The synergistic formula of LL’s Magnetic Clay makes them the most effective, all natural, inexpensive way to assist in pulling toxic metals from the body with the added benefit of ridding your body of toxic chemicals at the same time.

Using LL's Magnetic Clay Baths is a non-invasive therapy that can be completed in the privacy of your own home. Each clay bath detox kit is specifically formulated for your individual needs. LL's Magnetic Clays are packaged in bulk and will do 10 one cup baths in each kit. Contents of each kit: 5 lbs. of clay, 8 pages of graphic, step-by-step instructions (including children's instructions), 2 packets of herbal teas, info flyer on pH with 10 pH test strips, fiberglass tub screen, and a flat plastic drain lid.

Chlorella Supplements

One of the problems with mercury chelation is ensuring that once mercury is mobilized, it is eliminated. Otherwise, this toxic metal quickly reabsorbs into body tissues causing symptoms and problems in other areas of the body.

Although chlorella is a whole plant food with many nutritional benefits, its greatest benefit is that it is a mercury magnet. The tiny single-celled plant has a fibrous, indigestible outer shell that seizes hold of mercury and doesn’t let go. Because it isn’t digested, chlorella acts like a conveyor belt, moving mercury through your body to safe and effective elimination.

Proper elimination is a critical factor to the success of any detoxification program!

Ninety percent of mobilized mercury is removed through the stool. Chlorella also stimulates, regulates, and helps clean the bowels, enhancing the body’s ability to utilize its natural elimination processes.

Chlorella is available in powder and liquids but most often found in tablet form. Begin taking one gram of chlorella three times daily with meals to determine its effect on your system. Then increase the dosage according to package recommendations.

Chlorella is also an excellent supplement for detoxification maintenance. After an initial detoxification period, approximately two weeks, you may decrease the dosage again to one gram again.

Side effects are most often those from the mobilization of toxic metals. You can avoid most side effects by increasing your chlorella dosage. Small dosages mobilize more metals without binding them, while larger doses bind more of the toxins and speed detoxification and elimination.

Cilantro Tincture

In treating patients with antibiotics, a Japanese doctor, Yoshiaki Omura, found that although virus symptoms initially cleared up, they resurfaced within a short time.

Subsequently, he discovered that these viruses seemed to “hide” in tissues that held large clusters of heavy metals. However, he also found that mercury levels in the urine surged after his patients ate a soup that contained Chinese parsley (cilantro).

However, cilantro mobilizes more toxins than it can carry out of the body, allowing the body to reabsorb heavy metals and other toxins. Yet, when you add a chlorella supplement, mercury doesn’t stand a chance. Cilantro is an excellent agent for naturally mobilizing mercury. Chlorella puts it handcuffs and shows it the door!

However, it’s important to note that when using a cilantro tincture, it should be taken at the same time as chlorella to ensure that mobilized mercury won’t be reabsorbed into your system. Although cilantro is a highly successful mercury mobilizer, it isn’t a chelating agent in that it doesn’t bind with heavy metal.


Whether your detoxification program is full-scale or small-scale, a probiotic supplement is an important item to add to your detoxification program. The word comes from the Greek and in simplest terms means “for life”. Probiotics are small cultures of good bacteria normally found in your body, particularly in the gastro-intestinal tract. They inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, helping to improve digestion and the absorption of vitamins. In addition to keeping our bowels working at peak performance (essential for detox), probiotics also stimulate and strengthen the immune system a fact that is extremely important since the immune system is often weakened by mercury poisoning.

Infrared Saunas

When used in combination with oral chelation products, the infrared sauna can be a tremendous help in mercury detoxification and elimination of other toxic chemicals through inducing perspiration. However, although an infrared sauna is an effective tool, costs can be prohibitive. Using an infrared sauna usually requires a visit to your health professional’s clinic if it has one and generally, detox treatments aren’t covered by insurance. Infrared sauna prices start at around $2000.00.

Read the complete article on the benefits of Far Infrared Saunas

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